Shared values = added value

At the heart of my work is telling other people’s stories. It is even better if the message is one that will make a positive difference to world that we live in.

This might be encouraging the idea of sharing a meal, the act of breaking bread, as championed by Gather & Gather. Or better yet, the promotion of healthy eating and the pursuit of a healthy active life style, like say via Turvec or Fully Charged.

That belief in change is why we enjoy our work in support of Sero – an organisation advocating not just greener energy systems, but a change in lifestyle so that how we live and not just how we heat and power our homes helps combat climate change.

There are times when I operate as a hard-nosed professional communicator – the gatekeeper for crisis communications, or the strategic advisor for the management of a message, or just the guardian of a reputation. But I am a romantic too and want to make a difference. So, my ideal clients share my values – respect for people, open, honest and forthright messaging wherever possible and a commitment to wellbeing, combatting climate change and the pursuit of products, services and ideas that make a positive difference to society.

That makes me a communications mercenary. Or rather, it doesn’t. I am less of a mercenary as that implies I work for money without ethics. In fact my rules mean the opposite and I’m moving away from the concept of gun for hire.

I won’t just work for anyone. Shared values are great – my starting point is this: a commitment to ESG, a desire to be disruptive backed by an understanding how PR can work and an appreciation of how a consultant like me can add value.

So, do you want to talk about how we can work together? Email me: