Why us?

Why us? We think there are four reasons why you should choose Frank & Brown:

  • We deliver results that have real value
  • We are creative, practical thinkers
  • We are completely flexible
  • We will always be direct, honest and straightforward in the way we do business

The people we work with have their own reasons for choosing us as their communications partners. Please read through some of the testimonials from customers, partners and the media with whom we work. See what you think. Or why not take a look at some examples of the coverage we have obtained for our customers. If you like the sound of what our customers say and the look of the cuttings then why not call us and discuss how we can help you?


Strategic development consultant & investor:

“I’ve worked with Andy for many years. Together, we have built the profile of a number of companies operating in business to business markets – Stiell Facilities, Alfred McAlpine, Scientifics and most recently Europa. In each of these cases the objective was simple – build a strong profile which differentiates the business; but do it on a tight budget. That demands creativity, strong technical skills, hard work and a sensible approach to fees. And that’s what you get with Andy Brown. He’ll come up with great ideas for PR, brochures, websites and the like; deliver crisp copy quickly and accurately; get the media interested in you’re business; and he’ll work diligently and flexibly on your behalf; and you won’t get any silly surprises when you get his invoice.”

Managing director Kentish & Co:

“There are many great things about working with Andrew and Angela and the team, but there are three main things for us.  First, they make the effort to understand us, our market, our challenges and priorities.  Second, they are incredibly well connected and can work magic in terms of PR and communications.  And third, they are really nice people to do business with!”

Managing director Ronin:

“I find Frank & Brown’s approach refreshing; they provide an independent view and importantly a challenge to our thinking which is what we need. We have worked with them on a number of projects.  They have never let us down, putting together and leading teams to create new brands and communication materials to deliver great results.”

Editor i-FM.net:

“Whether you are in need of good ideas or someone to simply save your bacon at the last minute, Frank & Brown should always be your first port of call. In the four years I have worked with Andrew, he has shown himself to be an astute, dependable, vastly knowledgeable and creative PR professional. You will be hard pressed to find another communications expert with as much insight into the built environment, and with as much skill to put it all into practice.”


Professional Speaker & Specialist in Behaviour in the Workplace:

“I first met Andy when he was with Alfred McAlpine. Because of the work we did together I discovered that he was down to earth and practical. Since being on his own I’ve discovered that while he’s still down to earth and practical, he also thinks outside the box. He’s creative and original. He works fast and he’s a great person off whom to bounce things.”

Managing director MANS Location Services:

“Frank & Brown has been working alongside our team since 2006 because what they do has had a positive impact on our brand awareness and business development. Whether it relates to PR, web content, advertising or sales and marketing, Andrew and Angela consistently provide our team with practical, straightforward advice that helps promote our products and services to our target audience.  We see them as colleagues and partners and not just suppliers.”

Managing director i-FM.net:

“I’ve known the team at Frank & Brown for many years now. In my experience PR is one of those functions that can be done far too easily, very badly indeed and actually so often is. It is refreshing to know that Frank & Brown do it very well indeed. I’ve had no hesitation in recommending them to our clients, and they have never been disappointed by the service or the results achieved by them.”

director at Mace Group:

“Andrew is always able to quickly understand my requirements and deliver an excellent and creative piece of writing. He has clarity of thought and a way with words that invariably leaves me thinking “why didn’t I put it like that”. I have also found it valuable to use Andrew to bounce ideas; he is a great listener and is able to reflect the salient points. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his business Frank and Brown.”