SERO – net zero housing

Sero is at the forefront of the UK’s net zero housing revolution and its work makes the PR support and consultancy some of the most exciting Frank & Brown has been involved with since we started out in 2006.

We have known co-founder and chief innovation officer, Andy Sutton for over ten years. He introduced Frank & Brown to Clare Jones, owner/founder of Grasshopper Communications, in 2019 and since then we act as a spare brain and an extra pair of hands sharing ideas, writing copy and doing old fashioned PR and occasional social media copy as team. And because Sero is an energy technology company working with developers, property owners and financial institutions to change how people heat and power their homes what we do is making a real difference.

Sero is also a disruptor in the housing sector. That means managing its brand reputation, placing PR, crafting web content and using social media is always being reviewed, tested and pushed further to ensure the right messages are seen and heard by a variety of stakeholders from social housing tenants, housing associations and Government to private landlords, builders and investors. Frank & Brown operates as part of the Grasshopper team – with the freedom to deal directly with the client and media, but the responsibility to be on point as required and back the team up.

The project is rewarding and successful with Sero’s brand being recognised nationally on mainstream television, You Tube channels, national media and trade media as well as specialist finance press. Andy Sutton and his co-founder James Williams are sought out to speak at events and comment in the media regularly. It’s a different project, an unusual way of managing a client – but it works and illustrates the total flexibility of Frank & Brown and the commitment to a cause that’s socially and morally correct.