Frank & Brown love words.

That’s why we are so fond of great writers such as Frank Keating. We enjoy forming sentences, interpreting ideas and creating language that informs, entertains and educates the readers. One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is discussing the ideas, products and services of our customers to find clear, concise ways to inform people about them using effective, dynamic language. This might be via a press statement, a feature article, an opinion piece or more corporate formats such as case studies and other supporting marketing material.

We enjoy difficult commissions for all sorts of reasons – because of the subject, the deadline or the need for brevity when writing fast, concise blogs, marketing flyers or newsletters and uploading posts for social media. Our job is to turn what is trapped in the mind of a customer into short, sharp copy that delivers the right message in a timely manner. We ghost regular columns for clients in business magazines, regional newspapers and trade journals, update blogs and twitter feeds on demand and often to very tight deadlines. Recently we have been writing for IN magazine and Velocity along with occasional pieces in the FM and workplace media.

We believe that ‘old fashioned’ journalism is still alive, but just using different mediums. And (we’re not afraid to admit this either) we love the smell of freshly printed magazines and newsprint.