Frank & Brown is a flexible, fast moving communications consultancy providing public relations, writing and editorial support, strategic internal communications services, project management, training and publishing.

Frank is how we work. We are open, direct and challenging. We will always be straight with you. Always be imaginative and seek the right solution for you and your organisation.

Launched in 2006, Frank & Brown is led by Andrew Brown and Angela Brown, bringing in specialist associates as required. The business has established a reputation for being easy to work with, delivering results, sound advice and good value for money.

Case Studies

You can gain a sense of how we work and the relationships that we establish with our clients by looking at some case studies. Please get in touch to find out if we could do the same for you.

Burtt-Jones & Brewer

Burtt-Jones & Brewer is not just an independent award-winning workplace design consultancy they are a breed of client that is engaging, creative and that’s become a colleague and friend too.


Gather & Gather ticks all the boxes for being a great client to work with – open minded, supportive, trusting and direct with a desire to be different...

HATCH Analytics

The subject, the passions and the ideas are exactly the kind of philosophy and approach Frank & Brown likes to promote...

VINCI Facilities

Whatever area of FM VINCI has worked in, we have reported it and encouraged the media to investigate it...

We ghost regular columns in magazines and newspapers, manage blogs and twitter feeds, write letters, advertising copy and annual reports.

Opinions and Ideas

Announcing my engagement

Are you engaged? Well, are you? Engaged I mean. By that I mean are you bought into the latest marketing concept or messaging that is being pushed out by agencies staffed by people with great cheek bones and close fitting back clothes.

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The workplace revolution: is it making you ill?

How does work make you feel? Is work driving you round the bend? Is it the actual location for work that influences your answer? Or is it what you do and the demands placed upon you? How do you cope with work? And, whilst we think about it, are you just coping or thriving and… Read more »

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What Cruyff can teach workplace and FM

The Dutch (and to an extent, their north European neighbours in Scandinavia) are regarded as leaders in ideas on how to improve employee engagement, productivity, wellbeing and basically putting people ahead of the capital asset. What you might not know is that this is rooted in Dutch culture.

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