Moderating, facilitating and presenting

If you want help with content, guiding conversations or stage management and hosting events then we can help with that. As a PR consultant and strategic communications adviser I host events, present, facilitate and moderate conferences and workshops for clients, their supply chains and also for events organisers.

As an independent voice I can ask objective questions in a way that draws out a concise explanation. It is part of the story telling process. I often work with the event organisers and interview the people I am due to quiz, or the group whose conversation I am moderating,  to ensure everything stays on track and the messages we share engage the audience. It’s important that it feels like a conversation – which means preparation is key because these events are live, not pre-recorded with scope for an edit.

What you see here is a show reel put together by the team at Film Division that shows me hosting the VINCI Facilities roadshow from the summer of 2021. In the past few years I hosted an event for European decision makers for VINCI, fronted the awards ceremony for CE Wales in 2020 and in November 2021 I hosted a workshop for the County Council Network.

If you want to talk to me about how I can help you with events like this or any form of conference or workshop email