VINCI Facilities


Frank & Brown has worked with VINCI Facilities, part of the VINCI Construction operation in the UK and the VINCI SA global construction giant, since 2011. Our role covers press/public relations, media handling, strategic consultancy, report and investigative writing through to editing web copy and video production and hosting events and virtual roadshows.

At the heart of the work is PR and the VINCI Facilities name is now much more prevalent in the FM and built environment media than it was before we began working with the team. Comment, opinion, contributions to articles, attending discussion panels and presenting at major FM events in the UK has all been rooted in the support provided by Frank & Brown. We have put together scripts for speeches and presentations, sourced walk on music, written and produced short films capturing the social value work of VINCI Facilities and its people and written tens of thousands of words covering CAFM, collaborative working, wellbeing, sustainability, outsourcing of public services, asset management and M&E.

Whatever area of FM VINCI Facilities has worked in, we have reported it and encouraged the media to investigate it. Its business development team, its directors and marketing team all liaise with us and we often work hand in glove with colleagues across VINCI Construction. As well as generating editorial coverage in the media and online channels used by its target audience, Frank & Brown has also created crisis PR protocols, internal communication plans and provided direct PR support for its clients as well. VINCI Facilities has received the full range of communication consultancy services offered by Frank & Brown.