Tenon FM

The relationship with Frank & Brown and Tenon FM (formerly O&G) goes back to 2003 when we first began working with Tim Hancock, then an operations director at Alfred McAlpine. We supported Tim and Alfred McAlpine’s sponsorship of the Team GB Olympic Sailing at the Athens Olympics in 2004 and then Tim hired us two or three times since, before we began helping him with a rebrand and subsequent consultancy to support the growth of Tenon FM.

What we do for Tenon FM and Tim Hancock is typical of how we like to work. He trusts us to advise him and then implement our ideas directly. We work direct with the design team we recommend – Pentagon Design – and we created a new identity, a brand, a web site all supported with core values and clear concise content.

This work began in earnest in 2012 and is ongoing as the business grows. It began when Tim joined what was then, O&G, and is now part of the Tenon Group of companies and our brief is to support the development of the UK business and its parent brand. One of the most recent projects was a further rebrand and name change to reflect the global nature of the business. This means liaison with financial PR teams in London, planning messaging to encourage growth and investment whilst maintaining the interest of the media and potential customers. We manage and maintain the website in partnership with Pentagon, refining content, imagery and uploading blogs and provide ad hoc social media support too. Everything we do is about supporting the development of the business – we wrote and produced a video in support of the University of Hertfordshire tender, which reportedly was loved by the client.

We have a very close and open relationship with Tenon FM, especially its CEO Tim Hancock. It is a great example of how we like to work – close to the business strategy, able to react quickly and trusted to do what is right.