HATCH Analytics

Frank & Brown began work with HATCH in 2016, but the relationship and the desire to champion what HATCH believes in began in 2012. HATCH is a workplace consultancy. Its work is rooted in a combination of rigorous social science discipline and an application of psychology that is used to understand the behaviours of people in workplaces and so transform them and their organisations into better environments.

It is a fascinating subject and one very much in demand in a fast evolving workplace and society right now. The subject, the passions and the ideas are exactly the kind of philosophy and approach Frank & Brown likes to promote, champion and support and we helped do this via PR, blogging and social media but we are also acted as agents, promoting HATCH as speakers at events globally. All geared towards championing the idea of behavioural analytics in the workplace.

HATCH complemented what we do for our other clients. In fact, it is a natural fit. Like all of the people we work with if they want our advice, or use Frank & Brown as a spare brain and extra pair of hands to deliver the x-plus factor for their business development we will be there. Frank & Brown want to promote ideas that we believe in. Like all the best relationships it is flexible too – HATCH don’t need our advice all the time, so we look out for each other.