Burtt-Jones & Brewer

Burtt-Jones & Brewer is not just an independent award-winning workplace design consultancy they are a breed of client that is engaging, creative and that’s become a colleague and friend too.

Burtt-Jones & Brewer help organisations and brands redesign the way they work. What Frank & Brown has done for Steve Brewer and Adam Burtt-Jones and their team is help them in turn to explain that role. We have also used PR, editorial and blogs content to gently nudge their customers and end users to think a little harder about how to make their respective workplaces more about the people in them so they are dynamic places that support what needs to happen in them.

We love ever so slightly edgy ideas and together with Steve and Adam we have explored concepts as far ranging as over thinking stuff, understanding different people’s behaviours in a space and even flirting with neurological concepts. Along the way we have gained exposure for the business in design and workplace media, provided consultancy advice and curated an occasional series of blogs and taken part in some events and also a birthday video project. It’s fun. creative and rewarding.

Sometimes we have worked for the guys on a short retainer, like project work. Mostly we have helped them out in an ad hoc, tactical way. Steve and Adam are frank with us, which we like, and we can be straight with them. It means there is give and take in the relationship. They know we are at the end of a phone, happy to meet up and share a coffee, talk via a Teams call as and when required – no retainer, no fixed monthly fee, just genuine frank support.

Which is just how we like it.