Announcing my engagement

Are you engaged?

Well, are you? Engaged I mean. By that I mean are you bought into the latest marketing concept or messaging that is being pushed out by agencies staffed by people with great cheek bones and close fitting back clothes.

What Cruyff can teach workplace and FM

The Dutch (and to an extent, their north European neighbours in Scandinavia) are regarded as leaders in ideas on how to improve employee engagement, productivity, wellbeing and basically putting people ahead of the capital asset. What you might not know is that this is rooted in Dutch culture.

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The communication works from the inside out. Our internal PR and marketing builds employee engagement and reinforces values and behaviours.

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Rebranding exercises, annual reports, web sites, magazines and marketing strategies all need an objective critical eye and a steady hand.

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We will work with you and your teams and educate them how to write better copy, publish or present messages to the right audience.

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Frank & Brown have managed award winning internal publications, trade magazines and corporate literature. We can answer your publishing needs.

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We love writing and editing. We will take your ideas, bullet points or half-baked copy and transform it into crisp, hard hitting editorial.

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We ghost regular columns in magazines and newspapers, manage blogs and twitter feeds, write letters, advertising copy and annual reports.

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Working with the right media, we help share your ideas, stories, products and services to achieve your objectives.

Everyone needs rules

No matter what you might think everyone needs rules. Or, shall we say, guidance. Because without some boundaries, without some kind of notion of what’s right and wrong things will unravel.

Anyone watching teams play football, rugby, cricket or hockey (choose the sport you like best) will know the that a team without shape, structure and leadership will not function as a cohesive unit. Individuals will not form together into the team dynamic. There is no rhythm and no performance.